Southsea Silverware

Quob pre-match

It was a dark and stormy night……….Actually it wasn’t, it was the warmest weather we’ve had at Quob stables since this year’s Indoor Winter League started, and a couple of days before the ‘Beast from the East’ is due to rear it’s ugly head again.

Southsea were up against Shedfield A in the ‘Silver’ Final, and the evening got off to a fine start as they were drawn at the other side of the arena from ‘Horsepee corner’ where an earlier match against Portchester was played.  Just perfect for ‘groupie’ Ray to be able to watch from the warmth of the cafe.

Trevor had selected 3 doubles of Rod/Trevor, Dawn/Andy, and Maureen/Peter, and coming off the back of a victory against Shipmates in the High Level Roofing Trophy only 2 days earlier spirits were high and the team’s skills had been honed.

A boule sails through the air after a shot from Peter

The first round went well.  All 3 Southsea teams scored a victory, and everyone’s chuckle muscles were working well with only 2 wins from 6 games required in the next 2 rounds.  A quick win in around 20 minutes for Dawn/Andy meant a score of 4-0 in games, and Southsea were poised to snatch an early victory.  Dawn/Andy watched on as Maureen/Peter battled David/Sue from Shedfield.  12-12 and the Shedfield two-some managed to plant a boule millimetres in front of the jack a full 9 metres away.  A difficult situation on such a bouncy terrain.  Peter missed a shot by a hairs breadth, and neither his shooting nor Maureens hard pointing could shift the boule. 

Shift target to Rod/Trevor.  Unfortunately for those 2 Bob Bish was on inspired shooting form, and in the few ends I personally watched he hit 5 ‘Au fer’ shots in a row without a single miss. Extremely difficult at Quob, and almost impossible to play against (10 m jacks in the next round it is then!}.  So at the end of the second round it was 4-2 in games.  Southsea still favourites, but a slight shift from 4-0 up. 

Each team was now knowledgeable that in the third round their single win could well be required if the other 2 doubles fell short.  With no knowledge of the other games scores every Southsea player dug deep and hard into their reserves, and this resulted in 3 wins as the match went right to the time-up point.

An eventual overall win for Southsea with a score of 7-2, the score not really reflective of how hard fought the match was.

Some of the club went for a ‘victory curry’ after the match.

Victory curry.



Through to Finals Day!!

Southsea completed a 3-2 victory in their first outdoor match of 2018 in the High Level Roofing trophy at the Ship Inn in Owslebury.

Playing against the home team ‘Shipmates’ it was a struggle at first to cope with a hard packed ‘running surface’ terrain almost the exact opposite of our home surface.  This allowed the 2 Shipmate triples to build up convincing leads.  Peter, Andy and Dawn however managed to fight back from a 9-3 deficit to win 13-10, and the tally ended 1 game each after the first round of triples.

Two of the doubles matches were hard fought.  Trevor and Rod had a chance to point in for victory but narrowly missed it, and Shipmates nailed their last boule right on the jack to snatch a very narrow 13-12 victory.  Dawn and Andy had a ‘back and forth’ game with the lead changing hands almost every end.  Slack boule by the opposing team though allowed a bit of space to point in for 4, turning an 11-9 deficit into a 13-11 victory.  It took a couple of difficult extremely high lobs to finish things off though after the first attempt skittered through.

Crowning achievement of the evening went to Maureen and Peter.  At 6-0 down, spirits were low and it almost felt as if the Shipmates were going to cruise home.  However, Southsea tenacity shone through as Maureen and Peter came back in a storm scoring 13 points in a row.  A ‘technical fanny’ and a convincing 13-6 victory.

Score at the end of the evening.  Southsea 3  Shipmates 2.

Hopefully we can take this winning form into the Quob silver final on Friday, and the High Level Roofing finals day on Sunday.



Southsea at International Womens Day Doubles

Southsea’s participation in the Womens Doubles held today at Fareham to celebrate International Women’s Day consisted of Dawn Latimer and Maureen Lee.  The weather in the build up prior to the event was a touch wet, and this meant that the terrain was rather waterlogged.  Unfortunately, Southsea’s star players couldn’t quite adapt to the terrain and didn’t quite manage to win the event.

Luckily, spirits weren’t damaged too much, and Ray’s kitchen(staffed by Maureen) was on hand to provide a superb Chilli and Rice competitors and supporters at lunchtime.

At the end of the day’s event’s our very own Pam Treend was asked to present the prizes after watching the afternoon knockouts with husband Trevor.