Treend Ladder Grand Draw

Today was the draw for the first ever Treend Ladder competition.  It’s a singles competition, and you are allowed to challenge anyone either 1,2 or 3 places above you in the ladder.  One game -sudden death – a one off race to thirteen.  If the challenger loses everything stands still, but win and they swap places with the challenged, climbing their way to try and reach the pinnacle of the ladder’s top rung. 20p a challenge, full rules on the club noticeboard.

Current number one is Maureen Lee, get challenging to see your name in heliconia.


The Treend Ladder


Hear Ye, all who have paid thy monies….

Your order is ready for collection from your friendly club secretary.

For those who haven’t yet paid (You know who you are).  You may also collect your order in exchange for suitable currency.

Anyone who hasn’t ordered kit yet, don’t worry as the order was done in a bit of haste prior to Maureen going on holiday.  A second order will be taken in a couple of weeks when she returns.


In a County Far Far Away…………………….

The petanquers from the remote outpost of Handcross, having withdrawn from division 1 of the Southern Counties Petanque League last year have re-emerged, and are threatening the cause of the Southsea Rebel Alliance as they attempt to end up top of the new East/West division 3.

A team of Southsea rebels was handpicked to travel across 2 counties and 1.5 car hours to deal with this threat.  Little did they know as they travelled, but their cause was assured,  I Obut-wan-kenobi meerkat would be there to oversee a Southsea victory.

On arrival at Handcross, I made my presence clear to assure nerves, and told our rebels my oversight meant they could not lose.  Southsea was then divided into a pincer attack of two triples.  Trevor ‘Yoda’ Treend, Rod ‘Solo’ Smith, and ‘Col-3-PO’ Thirkettle made up the first triple.  Dawn ‘Leia-timer’, Andy ‘Sky’ Walker, and Peter ‘Chewbacca’ Missen made up the second.

Things started well. Leia-timer, Sky-Walker, and Chewbacca went 2-0 down, but quickly adapted to the home terrain, and scored 13 points in a row to defeat their opponents to a ‘technical fanny’ and Southsea were 1-0 up.  Over on the other half of the terrain there was then a slight set-back, Yoda Treend, Rod Solo, and Col-3-PO didn’t manage a victory, going down 13-6.

1-1 in games and all to play for in the doubles.

A poor start saw the first game quickly lost 13-2 with Leia-timer and Sky-Walker not turning up.  Backs against the wall at 2-1 down now, with Southsea needing both remaining doubles games to win. Yoda Treend and Rod Solo fought through a game of attrition to get things back on track, eventually running out 13-10 winners and the scores were levelled.  Yoda Treend quickly noticed (Where’s the Meerkat??) I was not present and there was a summons from the Handcross shed.  Chewbacca and Col-3-PO were then informed that the overall score was 2-2.  It was pointed out their victory was required, but that it would be a certainty as long as they trusted the force.

At 10-9 down Chewbacca Missen closed his eyes and summoned the force (I really am pretty sure).  He then lobbed a fast shooting boule from the circle.  Result: a carreau for 4,  a winning game score of 13-10 and an overall Southsea victory.

Final result,  Handcross 2 – Southsea 3.  A good win in the opening skirmish of the season after so much travelling, and hopefully the first win of many.  Next up, Oxshott at home on 19th April.


Southsea Latest

It’s been quiet since the weather cancelled the High Level Roofing finals day, but behind the scenes planning is always ongoing.  The SCPA league season starts on Wednesday with a tough one against ex 1st division Handcross.

A New club strip has been chosen and 1st batch order is in progress.  Don’t worry if Maureen didn’t get your sizes as a 2nd batch will be progressed later.

A  secure all metal storage shed with 3 point locking  has been ordered and is due to arrive mid-late April.  A suitable mooring point has been agreed with Southsea Leisure 30 seconds walk from the terrain.

With thanks to ‘models’ David, Dawn, Peter, and Jacqui, draft flyers have been sent to the printer for approval, and hopefully these will be approved and printed so we can soon start leafleting Southsea.  This will be combined with commencement of new midweek daytime sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The start date for these is yet to be confirmed, but timings will be 1000 on Tuesdays, and 1400 on Thursday.