Away vs Worthing Warriors

Southsea made the hour trip to Worthing Warriors on Monday 20th August.

Triples were Peter/Trevor/Dawn and Andy/Rod/Ray.  Things started off well, Peter’s team racing into an 8-2 lead and Andy’s team quickly winning by 13-1. Worthing then started a fightback causing the first triple to become a drawn out ‘war of attrition’.  They clawed all the way back to 8-8 before a Southsea resurgence saw the match close out 13-8 to Southsea.

2-0 after the triples, but at least one doubles win required for the bonus point.

Doubles were Trevor/Ray, Andy/Rod, and Peter/Colin.  Andy and Rod won to a fanny, and with Trevor and Ray also quickly winning 13-3 the match was sealed. All games count for points in 6-aside though so could Peter/Colin gain an extra important point. The game was hard fought and took an absolute age, but eventually was won to a convincing score of 13-4.

A season first 5-0 victory, 6 important points giving Southsea a slight gap at the top of the league. If the team can hold it together over the next 3 matches there is every chance of Southsea finishing top of Div 3(East), though there are still three other teams (Cranleigh/Handcross/Worthing Simpsons) in contention if results go their way.

***Pink Power***


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Southsea Vs Searles

Southsea hosted Searles on Thursday 9th August for a Division 3 league match.

Triples chosen for the first round were Dawn/Andy/Peter, and Colin/Matt/Rod.  Col and co won relatively easily to 2, but things didn’t go as smoothly for Dawn’s team. Bad luck didn’t help, but Searles did play better and deserved their 13-7 win.

1-1 after the triples, so looking for at least 2 doubles wins to secure the extra bonus match point.

Doubles were Andy/Rod, Trevor/Ray, and Peter/Maureen. The match was sealed pretty quickly with Trev/Ray winning 13-3 and Peter/Maureen 13-5.  There was still an extra point up for grabs, but it took near on half an hour before Andy/Rod came away with a 13-5 win and that point.

Final result Southsea 4 – Searles 1

Southsea(32 points) now in 2nd place 1 point behind Handcross(33 points) but with a match in hand. Worthing Simpsons(29 points) lurking 3 points behind Southsea in 3rd having played the same amount of matches as Southsea.


Southsea at Portchester Invitation Plate

Two Southsea teams travelled to Portchester on Saturday 28th July to take part in the Portchester Invitation Plate. Dawn partnered Andy, and after a bit of earlier confusion where Maz and Mike thought the competition had been cancelled, Peter ended up shooting for Mike in his first ever competition.

It was a low entry of 10 for a 5 round snake. No teams managed 5 wins and the winners were Portchester’s Mike/Phil as the only team with 4 wins. Nick/Wendy and Andy/Dawn were both on 3 wins/1 draw with the Portchester pairing on +15 and Andy/Dawn on +12.  So Andy/Dawn ended third.  Peter/Mike managed an extremely creditable 3 wins considering it was not only Mike’s first competition but also his first time on a different style terrain.

An enjoyable day out.