Southsea vs Worthing Simpsons [away]

With Handcross, Southsea, and Worthing Simpsons all on 38 points, Southsea travelled to Worthing Simpsons on Thurs 4th October for a game which would shake things at the top of Div 3(East).

Triples were Trev/Col/Matt and Andy/Pete/Dawn.  Trev’s team quickly won 13-1, with Andy’s team taking just a little bit longer to wrap their triple up 13-5.  So a good 2-0 lead going into the doubles.

Doubles were Trev/Dawn, Matt/Col and Andy/Pete. Unfortunately Matt/Col lost out, but Andy/Pete won 13-5, albeit with the definite run of the terrain so the extra point for the overall was bagged.  Every point counts in 6-aside though so the remaining match could still give an important boost.  It was toe to toe,with the lead changing hands constantly, but from 9-9 Trev and Dawn managed to snatch a good end and victory 13-9.

So, overall a 4-1 victory, 5 points, and a clear 5 point lead for Southsea at the top of the table.  2 wins in the remaining home matches would probably seal a position as Div 3 (East) league champions.

However, chickens can definitely not be counted early.  The two teams still to face are Adur and Cranleigh, the two teams who defeated Southsea on their home turf.  Any sort if slip combined with good performances from Handcross could see everything go topsy-turvy.