A home match away

Last night Southsea six-a-sides took on Searles away in the second league match of the season. Playing Searles is always pleasureable I find, any ‘Shhhh’ mentality is non-existant and they are always up for a bit of on terrain banter.

With the club not entering a team in the nine-a-sides this season, and with Searles being so close by, it was decided to treat the game in the same manner as a home match, with every player expressing an availability getting a game.  Inevitably this means some only getting one game with others getting two, but this will be attempted to be ‘evened out’ over the season.

A face of concentration…

First up in the triples were Dawn/Rod/Andy and Ray/Col/Matt. First finished were Dawn and co managing a nice 13-2 win. To be fair to Searles there was a lot of luck winging it’s way to Southsea in that one but it was still a deserved victory. On the other side of the terrain Ray and co fought hard, were level half way through the game, but were just outplayed in the latter stages with the holding boule in the last end until the last boule of the end shot it out.

Aren’t those magnets on strings for old men?

1-1 after the triples and still all to play for.

In the doubles Southsea went ‘shooter heavy’ with 5 boule on boule shooters out of six. Matt/Andy, Peter/Maureen, and Trevor/Rod all went into the fray with the latter two teams having played together recently multiple times.

The strength here counted well and the games ended with Matt/Andy 13-1, Trev/Rod 13-4, and best win of the night Peter/Maureen 13-0 with the Portchester ‘fanny bell’ sounding out and annoying the neighbours.  Maureen on a high now, a recent fanny, and top of the club singles ladder, long may it last!

High Lob or Heil?

A final match score of 4-1, and off to the pub for refreshments.

That’s 2 games 2 victories, hopefully that streak can continue.

Yellow card – Club kit hidden away!!

Obut-wan making sure everything proceeds smoothly.

Graham points one in.

Southsea anxiously look on.

It’s a close one!

Very close!

But not quite there!

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