Southsea at SCPA Singles and Shooting

Andy and Peter entered the SCPA regional singles and shooting competitions held at Fareham on 8th July.

The singles consisted of leagues of 6 with 5 games to try and make it through into the main knockout in the afternoon.

Peter started well, beating England ladies Team regular and European Espoirs shooting champion Sammy Thatcher 13-12 after being 4-11 down. (EDIT-Sammy T chosen for European champs singles today-Great singles win)  Andy also started with a win against Hassi Leverett in a close fought encounter on the stony terrain just sneaking it 13-11.

Peter also managed a second win against Nick Corner, but at 2 wins 2 losses his hopes of making the main knockout were dashed by Paul Leverett in a 13-12 thriller giving 2 wins, 3 losses.

Andy comfortably qualified, managing a 4-1 win record including wins against Bernie Miles and Dave Lucas, and a nice (albeit flattering due to luck) 13-2 win against Mark Robertshaw who made EPA singles semi final last year.

In afternoon play Andy went out in the first knockout round of the main against last years winner Richard Greeves, hopes dashed by a Greeves carreaux with score at 11-11.  Peter however favoured much better in the plate, making his way via a bye then wins against Bernie Miles and Tony Giordano into the final before being overcome against Paula Fauvel.  Well done Peter fighting his way into a singles final.

In the shooting Peter was unlucky to be a bit rushed having to do both rounds after having played lots of singles games, but Andy was able to take a bit more time, and did reasonably well, being tied 4th on 34 with Sammy Thatcher for a long time, hoping for a play-off to reach the final until the last possible moment, when Malcolm McKenzie shot a 10m jack for 5 points to lift his score into 4th with 38.

(Hopes though that Southsea’s new shooting mat should help in this department for next year.)

Eventual overall winners were Jamie Brooks in the main singles beating Malcolm McKenzie in the final, and Lee Jamieson in the shooting beating Mark Robertshaw, Tony Kidd and Malcolm McKenzie in a four-way final.


Southsea at Largest Petanque competition in the World

Dawn and Andy from Southsea (along with Obut-Wan-Kenobi) recently travelled to watch ‘La Mondial Marseillaise a Petanque’, the largest Petanque competition in the world featuring over thirteen thousand players. In fact, after responding to a facebook request, Andy actually managed to take part in the competition.  Dawn, Andy and Obut-Wan arrived a few days before the comp. So there was time for a bit of holidaying first.

Obut in holiday mode….

Before the competition all three visited La Ciotat where the sport of Petanque was invented. The local boulodrome had a contingent from the USA visiting, and Dawn/Andy played a doublette with a couple of Yanks, one who whom turned out to have represented the States in the World Championships.

Obut reading sign at Jules Lenoir Boulodrome..

Jules Lenoir Boulodrome…

Federation Petanque USA at La Ciotat..

A couple of days later it was onto the competition.  Lee Herring the team organiser had sorted out the terrain to be played on.  As the early stages of the tournament can be all over the city luckily it was in the local Park Borely where all later rounds are played. The team visited for a ‘nosey’ and practice. It turned out the terrain was a road surface complete with camber over which there was a smattering of white grit stones. Surprisingly on the surface it was easier to soft lob rather than merely roll, but the camber meant being very precise in aiming taking slope into account.

In the morning the first thing the opposition made sure of was not rules of the game, but instead rules of who would buy the drinks (It was winners).  The game was pretty easy and ended 13-2.  So we retired to the bar for Pastis at the grand old time of 11am in the morning.

Team Grande Bretage first round win.. Andy Walker (Southsea Petanque Club) Chris Kitson (Trafford Petanque Club) Lee Herring (City of Bath Petanque Club)

The second game was to start between 2pm-3pm.  The terrain was an open piece of ground (grit on road surface again) in the blazing heat. We turned up at 2, with the other team ambling on at 5 minutes to 3.  They had one fantastic player, probably equal to top ten Petanque England, but in his triple there was also one poor player. In the end, petanque triples being a team game, our three adequate players triumphed over a team with a weak link even if it did include a very good player.  13-7 and back to the bar for more Pastis.

2nd Round

The third game was adjacent to Parc Borely in the ‘Hippodrome’ on a baked hard clay surface. Our opponents were nowhere to be seen in the end turning up very late. This meant us ending as pretty much the last game (of about 300) in the Hippodrome with two large black and white striped arbitres looming over us.  The slope was vicious, requiring sometimes a two metre off aim adjustment.  Our opponents were used to hard clay rolling surfaces pointing in more adeptly than us, but luckily there was a ‘kicked up’ softer area into which you could lob where we proved to be better. It ended up a game of ‘coche control’ and the soft area was just too small to consistently bring into play. In the end a 13-11 loss stopping us from playing on in the third day.

Back to the bar after the game for some drinks with our opponents. Team Grand Bretagne exiting the competition on the first day with over twelve thousand other players.

3rd round and out

In the end we were too late to pick up our losers prizes, but got them on the second day, a small bottle of pastis for each round, so three bottles. With no way of taking them home on the plane the day became one of drinking pastis to get rid of it/watching petanque stars in action/ finally playing petanque against others in the park absolutely blitzed. Obut-Wan managed to get in a few pics with petanque world champions during the day and on subsequent days.

Phillippe Suchaud multiple world champion.


Philippe Quintais multiple world champion


Claude Weibel


Marco Foyot(65) a Petanque winner since the early 1970’s


Up close at Lacroix/Rocher/Robineau vs Madagascar

Eventually we watched the semi-finals and final in the main stadium (moved to the heart of Marseille) before coming home.

Obut watching the first semi-final with the Madagascar team who would lose in the second semi.

All in all a great experience, to be recommended to anyone with an interest in Petanque.


Treend Ladder Update

There have been a number of challenges on the Treend singles ladder over the last few weeks.

Ray pulled out a couple of surprises beating challengers Peter and Dawn.

Maureen had a successful defence against Bruce.

Rod made a brief appearance at the top of the board after beating Maureen, but was then knocked back down after she challenged back.

Name currently in pink is Andy who survived a last point decider against Peter after working his way to the top through Ray, Rod and Maureen.

Time is running out, so best get those challenges in, those currently at the lower end need to start working their way up now if they are to have a chance.

The Treend Ladder


Southsea at Portchester Melee

4 Southsea players took part in Portchesters charity melee on Sat 19th May.  With different doubles partners for each of 5 rounds the event was played in a spirit of friendly competitiveness where the emphasis was on enjoying yourself rather than winning.

Most important was the amount of money raised.  Portchester have chosen the ‘Rocky Appeal’ as their current charity, and a cheque for £277 will be winging it’s way henceforth.

Treend Ladder Grand Draw

Today was the draw for the first ever Treend Ladder competition.  It’s a singles competition, and you are allowed to challenge anyone either 1,2 or 3 places above you in the ladder.  One game -sudden death – a one off race to thirteen.  If the challenger loses everything stands still, but win and they swap places with the challenged, climbing their way to try and reach the pinnacle of the ladder’s top rung. 20p a challenge, full rules on the club noticeboard.

Current number one is Maureen Lee, get challenging to see your name in heliconia.


The Treend Ladder


Hear Ye, all who have paid thy monies….

Your order is ready for collection from your friendly club secretary.

For those who haven’t yet paid (You know who you are).  You may also collect your order in exchange for suitable currency.

Anyone who hasn’t ordered kit yet, don’t worry as the order was done in a bit of haste prior to Maureen going on holiday.  A second order will be taken in a couple of weeks when she returns.


Southsea Latest

It’s been quiet since the weather cancelled the High Level Roofing finals day, but behind the scenes planning is always ongoing.  The SCPA league season starts on Wednesday with a tough one against ex 1st division Handcross.

A New club strip has been chosen and 1st batch order is in progress.  Don’t worry if Maureen didn’t get your sizes as a 2nd batch will be progressed later.

A  secure all metal storage shed with 3 point locking  has been ordered and is due to arrive mid-late April.  A suitable mooring point has been agreed with Southsea Leisure 30 seconds walk from the terrain.

With thanks to ‘models’ David, Dawn, Peter, and Jacqui, draft flyers have been sent to the printer for approval, and hopefully these will be approved and printed so we can soon start leafleting Southsea.  This will be combined with commencement of new midweek daytime sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The start date for these is yet to be confirmed, but timings will be 1000 on Tuesdays, and 1400 on Thursday.


Southsea Silverware

Quob pre-match

It was a dark and stormy night……….Actually it wasn’t, it was the warmest weather we’ve had at Quob stables since this year’s Indoor Winter League started, and a couple of days before the ‘Beast from the East’ is due to rear it’s ugly head again.

Southsea were up against Shedfield A in the ‘Silver’ Final, and the evening got off to a fine start as they were drawn at the other side of the arena from ‘Horsepee corner’ where an earlier match against Portchester was played.  Just perfect for ‘groupie’ Ray to be able to watch from the warmth of the cafe.

Trevor had selected 3 doubles of Rod/Trevor, Dawn/Andy, and Maureen/Peter, and coming off the back of a victory against Shipmates in the High Level Roofing Trophy only 2 days earlier spirits were high and the team’s skills had been honed.

A boule sails through the air after a shot from Peter

The first round went well.  All 3 Southsea teams scored a victory, and everyone’s chuckle muscles were working well with only 2 wins from 6 games required in the next 2 rounds.  A quick win in around 20 minutes for Dawn/Andy meant a score of 4-0 in games, and Southsea were poised to snatch an early victory.  Dawn/Andy watched on as Maureen/Peter battled David/Sue from Shedfield.  12-12 and the Shedfield two-some managed to plant a boule millimetres in front of the jack a full 9 metres away.  A difficult situation on such a bouncy terrain.  Peter missed a shot by a hairs breadth, and neither his shooting nor Maureens hard pointing could shift the boule. 

Shift target to Rod/Trevor.  Unfortunately for those 2 Bob Bish was on inspired shooting form, and in the few ends I personally watched he hit 5 ‘Au fer’ shots in a row without a single miss. Extremely difficult at Quob, and almost impossible to play against (10 m jacks in the next round it is then!}.  So at the end of the second round it was 4-2 in games.  Southsea still favourites, but a slight shift from 4-0 up. 

Each team was now knowledgeable that in the third round their single win could well be required if the other 2 doubles fell short.  With no knowledge of the other games scores every Southsea player dug deep and hard into their reserves, and this resulted in 3 wins as the match went right to the time-up point.

An eventual overall win for Southsea with a score of 7-2, the score not really reflective of how hard fought the match was.

Some of the club went for a ‘victory curry’ after the match.

Victory curry.



Through to Finals Day!!

Southsea completed a 3-2 victory in their first outdoor match of 2018 in the High Level Roofing trophy at the Ship Inn in Owslebury.

Playing against the home team ‘Shipmates’ it was a struggle at first to cope with a hard packed ‘running surface’ terrain almost the exact opposite of our home surface.  This allowed the 2 Shipmate triples to build up convincing leads.  Peter, Andy and Dawn however managed to fight back from a 9-3 deficit to win 13-10, and the tally ended 1 game each after the first round of triples.

Two of the doubles matches were hard fought.  Trevor and Rod had a chance to point in for victory but narrowly missed it, and Shipmates nailed their last boule right on the jack to snatch a very narrow 13-12 victory.  Dawn and Andy had a ‘back and forth’ game with the lead changing hands almost every end.  Slack boule by the opposing team though allowed a bit of space to point in for 4, turning an 11-9 deficit into a 13-11 victory.  It took a couple of difficult extremely high lobs to finish things off though after the first attempt skittered through.

Crowning achievement of the evening went to Maureen and Peter.  At 6-0 down, spirits were low and it almost felt as if the Shipmates were going to cruise home.  However, Southsea tenacity shone through as Maureen and Peter came back in a storm scoring 13 points in a row.  A ‘technical fanny’ and a convincing 13-6 victory.

Score at the end of the evening.  Southsea 3  Shipmates 2.

Hopefully we can take this winning form into the Quob silver final on Friday, and the High Level Roofing finals day on Sunday.