In a County Far Far Away…………………….

The petanquers from the remote outpost of Handcross, having withdrawn from division 1 of the Southern Counties Petanque League last year have re-emerged, and are threatening the cause of the Southsea Rebel Alliance as they attempt to end up top of the new East/West division 3.

A team of Southsea rebels was handpicked to travel across 2 counties and 1.5 car hours to deal with this threat.  Little did they know as they travelled, but their cause was assured,  I Obut-wan-kenobi meerkat would be there to oversee a Southsea victory.

On arrival at Handcross, I made my presence clear to assure nerves, and told our rebels my oversight meant they could not lose.  Southsea was then divided into a pincer attack of two triples.  Trevor ‘Yoda’ Treend, Rod ‘Solo’ Smith, and ‘Col-3-PO’ Thirkettle made up the first triple.  Dawn ‘Leia-timer’, Andy ‘Sky’ Walker, and Peter ‘Chewbacca’ Missen made up the second.

Things started well. Leia-timer, Sky-Walker, and Chewbacca went 2-0 down, but quickly adapted to the home terrain, and scored 13 points in a row to defeat their opponents to a ‘technical fanny’ and Southsea were 1-0 up.  Over on the other half of the terrain there was then a slight set-back, Yoda Treend, Rod Solo, and Col-3-PO didn’t manage a victory, going down 13-6.

1-1 in games and all to play for in the doubles.

A poor start saw the first game quickly lost 13-2 with Leia-timer and Sky-Walker not turning up.  Backs against the wall at 2-1 down now, with Southsea needing both remaining doubles games to win. Yoda Treend and Rod Solo fought through a game of attrition to get things back on track, eventually running out 13-10 winners and the scores were levelled.  Yoda Treend quickly noticed (Where’s the Meerkat??) I was not present and there was a summons from the Handcross shed.  Chewbacca and Col-3-PO were then informed that the overall score was 2-2.  It was pointed out their victory was required, but that it would be a certainty as long as they trusted the force.

At 10-9 down Chewbacca Missen closed his eyes and summoned the force (I really am pretty sure).  He then lobbed a fast shooting boule from the circle.  Result: a carreau for 4,  a winning game score of 13-10 and an overall Southsea victory.

Final result,  Handcross 2 – Southsea 3.  A good win in the opening skirmish of the season after so much travelling, and hopefully the first win of many.  Next up, Oxshott at home on 19th April.

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