Competitive Petanque Overview

Competitive Petanque

If friendly play within the club doesn’t completely satisfy your thirst for Petanque then there is plenty of scope for competitive play.  Our club is a member of the Southern Counties Petanque Association (SCPA) which governs petanque from roughly Dorset across Hampshire to West Sussex, and also Petanque England which is our national body for petanque.  Playing in most competions requires being an SCPA/Petanque England member, though there are occasional competitive opportunities where this is not required.

Between them the SCPA/Petanque England host a number of region and nationwide competitions.  Also SCPA/Petanque England member clubs host a number of friendly competitions where all levels of players compete. These competitions are normally arranged so you do not get ‘knocked out’ first thing, but instead play throughout the day often increasingly against your own level of play via Gold/Silver/Bronze competitions or suchlike.  In fact, even the SCPA regional competitions have a healthy entry of ‘fun but competitive’ players and are arranged so everyone gets a full day of play.  The competitive fixture list extends throughout the year.

Our club also plays within the SCPA league structure.  There are two leagues, 9 aside and 6 aside.  This year Southsea is competing only in the 6 aside due to lowish membership numbers.  We will be operating a ‘rota’ system of play giving everyone a chance to play for the team.  To play for our league team in the SCPA league you must first become an SCPA/Petanque England individual member.