Gold Runners Up

Southsea Meerkats played Fareham Oaks in the final of the Gold section in the Winter league at Quob Stables. Unfortunately it was a 7-2 loss, but could have went the other way with the scoreline not quite reflecting the closeness of some of the games.

That means Southsea have improved every year so far with a silver win in 2018 (effective 5th overall), a 3rd place Gold last year (beating Fareham who they played in the gold final this year), and a 2nd place Gold this year. So with that trajectory of improvement who knows what next year will bring.

Well done to Alan, Andy, Ian, Peter May, Peter Miss, Maureen, Rod who took part.


Through to The Final

Southsea beat Borcross in the semi-final of the Gold competition of the Winter league at Quob stables. This means they now play Fareham Oaks in the final to be played in March.

Southsea 2 years ago won the Silver competition, then improved 2 places to come 3rd in the Gold last year, beating Fareham in a 3rd/4th play-off. This year reaching the final means we have gone at least one step better again, hopefully this will be a 2 place step up again and we can win the ‘Horse-Poo Cup’.


Southsea vs Shipmates

Southsea welcomed Shipmates on Thursday 18th July for the penultimate home game of the season. This would be an important match as Shipmates are one of our rivals in the ‘relegation battle’ to remain in the second division and prevent excessive travelling to the east of the region.

Triples chosen were Andy/Col/Maz and Peter/Matt/Ray. Pete’s team finished first with a score of 13-8, then it was a wait before Andy’s team won 13-5 with Maz’s ‘nailed on’ point securing the win in the last end.

So two triple wins with decent scorelines suggested a possibility of a 5-0 win. However things were to prove rather different.

Doubles chosen were Andy/Dawn, Peter/Maureen and Rod/Ian. Rod/Ian fell to 1-13, then Peter/Maureen fell to 12-13. This left things at a perilous 2-2 in games. Andy and Dawn had went well up (11-2) against Alan/Kate, but in what must have been a bit nervous for watchers the Shipmates started making a bit of a comeback before Southsea eventually ran out 13-6 winners.

Final Score Southsea 3 – Shipmates 2

Hopefully The Ship (and it’s terrain) will be back up and running soon as it was mentioned during after match socialising there is a manager waiting in the wings.


Southsea Summer Doubles

The inaugaral Southsea Summer Doubles competition took place on an extremely hot and sunny Saturday 13th July. Although the entry was small at 11 teams, it was enough to fill our small terrain and provide a full day of competitive petanque.

Morning consisted of 3 leagues, and 8 (top 2 from each league plus next best 2) went into the main with the remaining 3 in a wooden spoon round robin.

2 Southsea teams (Matt/Ian Dunt and Andy/Dawn) made the main but were knocked out in the first round. Rod/Trev made it through to the semi-final with a 13-0 fanny, and as Southsea’s only remaining team in the main were therefore our top home team. Sadly they lost in the next round to 5 to Billy/Josh from IOW.

Andy/Dawn managed to pull things together to win a couple and take the main consolage with a tight 13-12 victory over Mike/Ali from Cobbetts in the final. Kathy/Ray Crockett managed to avoid the pink spoons in their first ever competition, but Jackie Woodford/Ray Osborne were not so lucky. Winner of that competition was Rod Bennett/Steve Love from Cobbetts.

It was a great day for the Isle of Wight as the main final was contested between the two teams that had crossed The Solent. Both teams had performed well all day and Winners were Martin and Tom Ince, with Billy Tombleson and Josh Ince as runners-up.

Main Runners Up
Main Consolage Winners
Wooden Spoon Winners

Southsea vs Fareham Redwoods

On Thursday 4th July Southsea hosted Fareham Redwoods.

There were 8 Southsea players and triples chosen were Colin/Maureen/Matt, and Andy/Dawn/Peter. Both triples played well, winning 13-4 and 13-1 which meant the games finished quickly allowing for leisurely tea and biscuits before the start of the doubles.

Doubles chosen were Andy/Dawn, Peter/Maureen and Matt/Ian. After the result of the triples there were high hopes of a 5-0 victory. Alas it was not to be. Matt and Ian were first to fall, losing 13-4 to Mike and Lois. Andy and Dawn were the victims of their opponents good fortune as they went down 8-0 before coming back to an 11-8 lead. There was no luck involved in the last end when they played badly and Robert/Chris pointed 5 boules within a foot of the jack for a 13-11 Fareham win. That left Peter/Maureen in the squeaky bum match at 2-2 with their match now effectively being worth 2 points. However, there were no nerves as no-one pointed out the fact to them and they closed down a 13-5 win.

Final result Southsea 3 – Fareham Redwoods 2

Southsea now 3rd bottom, and with Redwoods firmly entrenched at the bottom it looks like a relegation dogfight between Southsea, Worthing Peacocks, Shipmates and Fareham Maple leaves to avoid the 2nd bottom position.


SSSS…Shedfield, SCPA Qualifiers, Singles, Southampton Triples.

On Thursday 6th June Southsea took on Shedfield at home. Selected for the triples were Peter/Andy/Dawn and Ian/Colin/David(from memory?). Unfortunately both triples lost meaning all 3 doubles needed to be won.

Doubles selected were Andy/Dawn, Peter/Maureen and Matt/Ian D. Southsea nearly snatched it, winning 2 out of the 3 doubles.

Final Score Southsea 2 – Shedfield 3.


On 19th May (at Fareham) and 2nd June (at Bordon) Trevor, Peter and Andy formed a Southsea triple to attempt to qualify for Septembers Inter Regional competition at Hayling Island. Unfortunately on both days the team didn’t perform at their best, and narrowly missed out by 2 places. It was close as 1 more win would have done it. Better luck next time.


On Sun 10th June Peter and Andy travelled to Fareham to take part in the SCPA singles and shooting. Both failed to reach the main competition. Andy reached the plate semi. Scores in the shooting weren’t high, Andy didn’t score in the easier early rounds and reached a total of 16. Peter scored a total of 9. 25 was required to make the final.


Finally a bit of good news. Andy and Dawn teamed up with Dave Plumhoff to take part in the Southampton Triples event on Sun 30th June. The team played pretty consistently all day and managed to lift the winners prize in the main competition.

Traditional Southsea victory curry

Southsea at Gravesend ‘Titles Weekend’

2 players from Southsea travelled to Gravesend to take part in Petanque England’s ‘Titles Weekend’ where players battle it out to become English Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles champions. With no chance of winning it was to be treated as a learning experience, hopefully playing against top players, and seeing how far they could progress.

The terrain had 3 tons of large stones added to require lob pointing and ‘boule to boule’ shooting.

Saturday was singles. Andy narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Gold(Had a 13-12 loss been the other way around it would have been okay), but progressed through 3 rounds of silver, falling in the semi-final.

Sunday was doubles. Andy and Frank Charlesworth from Oxshott had 2 wins and a narrow loss to England’s singles champion from previous day to squeeze into the Gold top 16. Unfortunately they played their worst game of the day vs the eventual winners going down 13-2 in the afternoons first round.

Monday was mixed doubles. Andy played with Dawn and they had a very tough group. All 3 games were close but losses. Dawn played extremely well in second game, outpointing the previous 2 day’s ladies singles and doubles champion Emma Longstaff. The first round of bronze was lost against a team that should’ve been beaten, before a run of 3 wins against other also-ran’s gave a Bronze Consolage win.

A good chance to play some very good players on a terrain made challenging for both pointing and shooting by the addition of tons of large stones.


Southsea vs Fareham Maple Leaves

On 23 May 19 Southsea hosted current table toppers Fareham Maple Leaves for a home game. The home and away fixtures had been reversed due to Fareham’s community centre being used as a polling station.

Triples chosen were Peter/Andy/Dawn facing Gerry/Julie/Jackie, and Ian/Col/David facing Daena/Tim/Sue. Fareham took Peter’s team to the difficult swimming pool end terrain, a decision that probably didn’t help them. Dawns backspin lobs held up pretty straight all through the game, and although a poor tactical decision allowed Gerry to shoot his teams way to 5 points in one end Southsea ran out pretty comfortable 13-6 winners. Ian’s team were struggling a bit, 12-2 down at this stage. They rallied a bit, getting another 4 points before eventually losing 6-13. So it was 1-1 after the triples and all to play for by both teams in the doubles.

Doubles chosen were Andy/Dawn (v Jackie/Sue), Peter/Colin(v Tim/Daena) and Ian/David(v Julie/Gerry). Andy’s pairing played on the swimming pool end again. Sue and Jackie struggled to cope with a terrain requiring backspun high lobs and after 3 ends it was a 13-0 fanny to Southsea. So 2-1, a good start to the doubles. On terrain 5 Ian and David were playing extremely well, and didn’t ever look in doubt as they hit a couple of high scoring ends on their way to a 13-6 win. So 3-1 and the match win and bonus point secured. All games count for points in doubles though, so attention for everyone quickly switched to Pete/Col. This game was a close affair, the lead switching hands as both teams pulled themselves up the scoreboard. Eventually though at 10-9 up Southsea managed to sneak in a 3 point end to close it out 13-9.

Final Score
Southsea 4 – Fareham Maple Leaves 1

Well done Southsea, a win for everyone tonight, and a positive step towards our goal of remaining in Div 2 and not dropping into the extensive travelling caused by Div 3 (East).



42 players descended on Southsea for the 2019 edition of the Southsea Open triples. This meant 14 teams rather than a hoped for 16, so there were a few byes during the day. The byes meant that the beach terrains which had been set up were not a necessity, but they were left there as a choice for toss winners, as they provided something a little more challenging than the normal terrain.

Beach Terrain

The morning was run as leagues of 4 with 8 teams qualifying for the main competition, with the rest of the teams battling it out for the plate. Although the entry was small, consolages were still run for both competitions.

Qualifiers for the main were Southern Pinnacles(Dawn/Andy/Peter), Southern Legion(Helen/Mark/Matt), FCJ(Frank/Christine/Jay), Leftovers(Paul/Brett/Martin), Southampton(Karen/Liam/Jamie), Paula’s Pals(Lesley/Robert/Paula), Setting the Paice(Colin/Alan/Carol), and finally Leftovers Again(Rod/David/Marc). Shock of the morning was the experienced Cobb-On(Ali/Matt/Mike) being forced down into the plate.

Plate Winners – Cobb-On

Cobb-On picked things up in the afternoon to win the plate competition, playing the Trevs(Trevor/Maureen/Ray) in the final. The Three of Us(Mick/Pat/Leo) picked up the consolage defeating Airbourne(David/Jacqui/Stuart).

Morning league play underway

In the main Paula’s Pals were knocked out by Leftovers Again, but defeated Set the Paice then FCJ to win the main consolage.

Paula’s Pals

The Main itself had the final contested between Southampton and Southsea’s own Southern Pinnacles. Southampton had beaten Paula’s Pals then Leftovers Again, Pinnacles had beaten Southern Legion then The Leftovers. Southampton won the toss, and they elected to take Pinnacles to the beach terrain which negated any sort of home advantage there might have been. It proved to be not the best of choices though, with the shooting of Southampton having a lot of bounceovers on the difficult terrain, allowing Pinnacles to point their boules in and score, with lots of ‘Pink Power’ cries ringing out across the beach.

In the end, Pinnacles went one better than last years final defeat, ensuring the trophy would remain in Southsea until at least 2020.

Main Runners Up – Southampton
Winners – Southern Pinnacles
Victory Curry
Obut-Wan-Kenobi guards the trophy until 2020

Southsea vs Arundel Aardvarks

Southsea welcomed Arundel Aardvarks on a dry but chilly 9th May evening.

Triples were selected at 1915 and were Peter/Andy/Ray and Matt/Maz/David. Play kicked off at 1930 and unfortunately Matt/Maz/David had a pretty bad time of it finishing very quickly losing to 2, whilst the other game was still at a score of 5-2. That game dragged out a bit with Peter/Andy/Ray in general outpointing Arundel but missing all their shots. Even a change round of shooter didn’t help, and with Geoff of Arundel hitting pretty much every shot he threw, the Southsea triple went down 7-13. So 0-2 after the triples, but with the arrival of Trevor and Dawn, Southsea able to field slightly stronger teams in the doubles so hope still.

Doubles were Andy/Dawn, Peter/Mike, and Trevor/Ian. Andy/Dawn finished relatively quickly winning to 4, so still hope at that stage with Peter/Mike up and Trevor/Ian not too far behind in their respective matches. Unfortunately Peter/Mike got a lot of unfortunate kicks on their points which didn’t help, and they went down a close 9-13. Trevor and Ian were also in the fight right to the end but unfortunately lost 10-13. So, very close in the two doubles losses.

Another night could have seen Peter/Andy shoot well in the triples and run away with it, and the two losing doubles could easily have went the other way. So although a 1-4 loss, it could have been a 4-1 win with just a touch of fortune and slightly better play. So not too disheartening. Well done Arundel for ending a Southsea year long run of home match wins.

Final Score
Southsea 1 – Arundel 4