‘Ship on the High Pink Seas’ at Weekend of Petanque-Take 2

For the second year in a row Southsea entered contestants in all 3 days at the SCPA ‘Weekend of Petanque’ held again at Worthing Petanque club.

The weekend featured doubles on Saturday, triples on Sunday and singles on bank holiday Monday.

Saturday saw Peter and Andy venture into the doubles. If even one of the two had ‘turned up’ every game that was played was winnable. Unfortunately both players performed poorly and the morning league featured only 1 win from 3. (Kudos to young Sam Rattue who played well in one of Peter/Andy’s losses). At least a single win saved the two from the Wooden spoon comp. The afternoon didn’t go much better in the Silver as after a first win vs 2 newbies from Weymouth, the next match was a loss against Paul Hayes/Brett Rodwell of Muscliff. So an early bath on Saturday.

Sunday saw 5 Southsea players in action in the triples. Maureen, Andy and Dawn (MAD) represented the club in Pink, whilst Matt and Trevor took part in the mixed ‘Meerkat’ team with Allan Paice and Bob Bish. The morning started brilliantly for MAD with a 13-0 fanny vs Hassi/Sabrina/Karin, but fortunes changed rapidly with a 0-13 in the next game vs Jack/Phil/Sarah. Last game was against Worthings Martin/Angela/Chris, and a win saw MAD stay comfortably clear of the bronze and into the silver. (Kudos to Maureen and Dawn who held their nerve pointing on a very sloping terrain). Matt and Trevor also managed 2 wins and qualified for the silver comp. The draw showed that if both teams won their first round they would play each other in the next. However it was not to be, MAD triumphing against Lee and Diane Redfern with Dave Lucas, but Matt/Trevor falling against London triple Keith/Mark/Simon. Both teams then lost in the next round, MAD had chances for the game vs London in the silver 2nd round but fell to 12, Keith sealing the match with a 10m boule on boule shot after scoot shooting all game, Matt/Trevor losing to Lee/Diane/Dave in the consolage comp again to 12.

Monday saw Peter and Andy enter the singles and this proved to be the most successful day for Southsea. Both had difficult groups, but there were not many ‘gimmes’ to be had on singles day. Peter managed 2 victories from 5 in the morning, but his group featured winner Noel Kempeneers and semi finalist Geert Peers as well as another cracking young Dutch player which made things difficult. His 2 wins kept him clear of the Spoon and into the silver though, eventually falling to silver finalist young Will Read. Andy’s group wasn’t easy either, and his day started poorly losing 13-8 to Martin Gordon after being 10-1 down, then being wiped out in his second game against Steve Daykin who both pointed and shot excellently. Thoughts at that stage were to stay clear of the spoon, but 3 victories in a row vs Tony Kidd/Stuart Floyd/Paul Webb saw Andy into the Gold. In the afternoon Andy was taken to the difficult ‘Car Park’ by Paul Hayward in the gold first round, and after being comfortably ahead a comeback from Paul made it squeaky bum time at 12-12 before sneaking it. A lost coin toss saw Stuart Floyd take Andy to the car park again in the next round , but consistent pointing from Andy and some missed shots from Stuart saw Andy progress to the quarters. Quarters were against Dutchman Mario Blom. It was a close fought affair on the smooth sloping terrain, Mario outshooting Andy, but Andy pointing well to sneak his boules in and edge the match. Semi final was again a close fought affair. Andy through his pointing kept a lead most of the match vs eventual winner Noel Kempeneers, but it was always a rearguard action with Noel the much better shooter. Noel pulled things back to 10-10 then nailed a point on the coche. Andy’s shot was straight but short and dambustered over the top. Andy in hindsight should have shot again to try and stop 13, but pointed and 2 average points then left the door open for a Noel 13-10 victory.(A repeat of last years league round where Andy led Noel but fell in the last couple of ends).

Well done Southsea, especially Maureen and Dawn in the triples who performed their absolute best which is all you can hope for.

Pictures to follow once they get ‘pinched’ from the Southern region website.


Southsea vs Worthing Peacocks

Having beaten Worthings 2nd and 3rd teams last year in Division 3, 11 Southsea players turned up for this much sterner challenge against Worthings top team.

Not only that, but Southsea’s policy of giving everyone who turns up a game in home matches and Andy’s choice to play as a pointer in the triples mean’t that we would be short a shooter in the doubles.

3 Southsea players were making their debut. Husband and wife pairing Mike and Maz Woolley and recent PE signup Ian Dunt faced off v Worthing in their first ever match.

Triples chosen were Ray/Andy/Matt and Maz/Peter/Peter. Ray’s team got off to a poor start, but by the time they were at a score of 2-5 down Maz’s team had already triumphed 13-8 and were walking off the pitch. This added to the Southsea support and Ray’s team managed to turn things around, eventually running out 13-9 winners. A good feeling of 2-0 up after the triples. (Well done Maz winning in her first ever game),

11 players meant an almost complete change of players for the doubles. Dawn/Trevor, Mike/Andy and Colin/Ian were chosen. Colin/Ian were in a difficult situation with neither being a natural shooter (yet). They went down 6-13 against Angela/Tony of Worthing. (Unlucky Ian in first ever game). Dawn/Trevor had a hard fought game vs Martin/Malcolm, but things were not to be and they lost 8-13. So things were getting perilous at 2-2 in games. Luckily Mike was pointing like a demon in the unfinished double, and this allowed Andy to be a bit selective with his shooting in the failing light. They were never really troubled running out 13-5 winners against Diane/Bob who found Southsea’s unusual terrain a bit troublesome. (Well done Mike in his first ever game).

Final Score:
Southsea 3 – Worthing Peacocks 2

Well done Southsea on picking up a valuable bonus point for the win….


Southsea Open Triples

Dawn is now taking entries for Southsea Open Triples which takes place on Saturday 11 May. This year the intention is to rope off an area of the beach where it is playable as a terrain and add two extra pistes and allow a 16 team entry instead of last years twelve. If we get 16 teams this will allow a normal morning leagues/afternoon knockout structure to the day.

Get your entries in early due to limited space.

As per featured image ‘poster’ contact Dawn on or phone her on 07597 255387 to enter.


Bandstand Promotion

On a bright and sunny Easter Sunday members from Southsea descended on the bandstand field in order to rope off a demonstration/come and try petanque area.

With the sunny weather there was lots of footfall on the promenade, and plenty of people stopped to watch and take handily placed flyers, with a few venturing to the other side of the wall to ‘come and try’.

Trevor had organised flags from the SCPA to make things look a bit more professional, and it was extremely pleasing to see members from other clubs travel a fair distance to turn up to help support the event. Many thanks to those from both Southsea and other SCPA clubs who attended.

To anyone reading this after taking a flyer, or googling Southsea Petanque after witnessing the event you are very welcome to come and try out the game at one of our normal club sessions. Beginners are always made to feel welcome. Club sessions take place Sunday 1000, Monday 1830, Tuesday 1000 and Thursday 1400. Our normal club terrain is at Southsea Leisure Park on Melville Road, tucked in behind Eastney Swimming Pool. Postcode PO4 9TB.


Southsea at Bordon

3 members from Southsea attended the Bordon open on Good Friday 2019. Trevor, Peter and Andy were representing the club.

The day started well against a strong team which included current England no1. All three players did well, and the game went right to the wire. Southsea had an opportunity to carreau for game, but it was not to be and the score ended 10-13. Heads were down a bit and Southsea then played poorly and lost a second game before winning their third.

In the afternoon plate the first game was lost to a Kent team. There was then a team shuffle and Southsea started playing a bit better taking 3 games in a row to win the Plate consolage.


Maureen wins bronze final at National finals for the International Women’s Day competition.

Maureen Lee competed with Angela Brooks of Worthing on Sunday 14th April at the National Competition celebrating International Women’s Day, having qualified via their earlier Gold Consolage win at the Regional Competition.

Although the morning did not go well, the afternoon proved a different beast, with the deadly duo winning all their games finishing with a win in the Bronze final.

Well done Maureen!!


Muddy boules at The Ship..

Southsea’s six-a-side team travelled to the Ship Inn at Owslebury for their first league match of the season on Tuesday 9th April.

It had been raining for quite a while during the day, however luckily the sky dried up just before start of play. Unfortunately the terrain had been weathered into a bit of a muddy mess.

Some might have thought the terrain being slowed down from it’s normal state would have tipped things to Southsea’s advantage. However it didn’t prove the case and our two triples of Peter Missen/Andy/Maureen and Matt/Col/Peter May both ended up losing out.

So, the doubles started with Southsea needing to win all three to secure the bonus point. It was not to be, with the first two matches ending as losses. It was left up to Peter Missen and Maureen to secure a consolation point from the match.

Final Score
Shipmates 4 – Southsea 1


Hayling U3A visit Southsea

As a member of Hayling Island U3A petanque, as well as Southsea Petanque Club, Peter May used his ‘foot in both camps’ to arrange for players from Hayling to visit Southsea for a friendly competition.

7 members (including Peter) travelled from Hayling, and after a hearty lunch at Eastney Sailing Club arrived at the terrain to find around a large number of Southsea players ready to greet them. Maureen and Andy became temporary Hayling members and teams were sorted into 3 triples with some Southsea members sitting out each game.

The idea was to play three games with each triple facing off the other side’s three. Time pressures with respect to traffic meant this was agreed to be curtailed to 2 games. Hayling went 3-0 up after the first round, but Southsea came back to win two in the second round and things ended Hayling 4 – Southsea 2.

After the two rounds of games players retreated to enjoy teas and coffees, along with cakes generously baked by Maureen.

Everyone from Hayling Island U3A seemed to enjoy their time at Southsea, and if by any chance some of them were to read this then ‘please come again you are always welcome’.


Maureen at IWD (Worthing)

Maureen Lee attended the Southern region 2019 International Women’s Day petanque competition held at Worthing Petanque Club.

There was a large entry of 30 teams, representing 15 clubs and players gathered before the start for a group photograph. If you have good eyesight and are great at ‘where’s wally’ you might be able to spot Maureen.

Maureen and her partner Angela Brooks did well in the morning qualifying for the ‘Gold’ competition in the afternoon.

Unfortunately the first game of the afternoon didn’t go well, and Maureen and Angela didn’t progress in the Gold Main competition. However, there was still a ‘Consolage’ competition to be tackled.

Three games and three wins saw Maureen and Angela progress through and finally win the Gold Consolage Competition. Well done both.