42 players descended on Southsea for the 2019 edition of the Southsea Open triples. This meant 14 teams rather than a hoped for 16, so there were a few byes during the day. The byes meant that the beach terrains which had been set up were not a necessity, but they were left there as a choice for toss winners, as they provided something a little more challenging than the normal terrain.

Beach Terrain

The morning was run as leagues of 4 with 8 teams qualifying for the main competition, with the rest of the teams battling it out for the plate. Although the entry was small, consolages were still run for both competitions.

Qualifiers for the main were Southern Pinnacles(Dawn/Andy/Peter), Southern Legion(Helen/Mark/Matt), FCJ(Frank/Christine/Jay), Leftovers(Paul/Brett/Martin), Southampton(Karen/Liam/Jamie), Paula’s Pals(Lesley/Robert/Paula), Setting the Paice(Colin/Alan/Carol), and finally Leftovers Again(Rod/David/Marc). Shock of the morning was the experienced Cobb-On(Ali/Matt/Mike) being forced down into the plate.

Plate Winners – Cobb-On

Cobb-On picked things up in the afternoon to win the plate competition, playing the Trevs(Trevor/Maureen/Ray) in the final. The Three of Us(Mick/Pat/Leo) picked up the consolage defeating Airbourne(David/Jacqui/Stuart).

Morning league play underway

In the main Paula’s Pals were knocked out by Leftovers Again, but defeated Set the Paice then FCJ to win the main consolage.

Paula’s Pals

The Main itself had the final contested between Southampton and Southsea’s own Southern Pinnacles. Southampton had beaten Paula’s Pals then Leftovers Again, Pinnacles had beaten Southern Legion then The Leftovers. Southampton won the toss, and they elected to take Pinnacles to the beach terrain which negated any sort of home advantage there might have been. It proved to be not the best of choices though, with the shooting of Southampton having a lot of bounceovers on the difficult terrain, allowing Pinnacles to point their boules in and score, with lots of ‘Pink Power’ cries ringing out across the beach.

In the end, Pinnacles went one better than last years final defeat, ensuring the trophy would remain in Southsea until at least 2020.

Main Runners Up – Southampton
Winners – Southern Pinnacles
Victory Curry
Obut-Wan-Kenobi guards the trophy until 2020