Southsea at Inter-regional qualifiers

There was team entry comprising fully of Southsea players at the recent Inter-regional qualifiers. Matt/Dawn/Andy and Peter traded as ‘Southsea Pink Power’. Trevor also entered along with Bernie, Allan and Bob from other clubs.

Unfortunately there wasn’t lots of Power to be seen eventually ending up 16th of 18.

After an initial good start on the first day, keeping things tight to 8-8 against Glen Floyd/Sammy Thatcher/Karen Lombard, things went downhill losing the next game to a fanny, with two more losses until an eventual first win in the last game. First choice shooter Peter was missing though so there was hope for better on the second session a few weeks later.

All games on the second day went close. 2 out of 5 were wins coming against Daena Vincent’s ‘Southern Discomfort’ and what must have been a nailbiter for Mike Porter’s ‘Cobb-on’ who needed a decent point score if not a win to qualify vs a team by then playing for fun.

Southsea also had a rather unusual bit of bad luck vs Malcolm Mackenzie’s ‘Renegade’ in their third match. It was 12-12 and game on the ground for Southsea with jack at 9.5m (Southsea out of boule).  A missed shot by Malcolm sprayed stones into the edgeboard which then rebounded and moved the jack to Renegade boule sealing the match. With two boule in hand for Renegade it might not have mattered but who knows at 9.5m with boule on boule shooting required.

Meanwhile, Trevor’s ‘Meerkats’ had a fantastic first day resulting in 4 wins out of 5.  The second day was comparatively disappointing with only 2 wins, but the first days result meant Meerkats qualifying 6th best team out of 18.

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