Southsea at Portchester Invitation Plate

Two Southsea teams travelled to Portchester on Saturday 28th July to take part in the Portchester Invitation Plate. Dawn partnered Andy, and after a bit of earlier confusion where Maz and Mike thought the competition had been cancelled, Peter ended up shooting for Mike in his first ever competition.

It was a low entry of 10 for a 5 round snake. No teams managed 5 wins and the winners were Portchester’s Mike/Phil as the only team with 4 wins. Nick/Wendy and Andy/Dawn were both on 3 wins/1 draw with the Portchester pairing on +15 and Andy/Dawn on +12.  So Andy/Dawn ended third.  Peter/Mike managed an extremely creditable 3 wins considering it was not only Mike’s first competition but also his first time on a different style terrain.

An enjoyable day out.

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