Southsea host Portchester

Southsea hosted a group of 13 from Portchester Petanque Club on Saturday 21 July for a day of friendly play.  The initial idea was to play 2 rounds of Southsea vs Portchester friendly competition in the morning before lunch, then a 3 round ‘pound in the pot’ melee in the afternoon.  In the end the extreme heat shelved the afternoon melee as a ‘competition’ to allow people to sit out, but the morning rounds went ahead as planned and the afternoon went ahead as social play.

Due to injuries/illness Southsea were 2 players short of Portchester’s 13, so 4 doubles and a triple from Southsea faced off against 2 doubles and 3 triples from Portchester.

The prize for the morning competition was a very carefully chosen Portchester Castle coloured in Southsea pink.

The first round of play went Southsea’s way ending 4-1.  Then, in the second round Portchester couldn’t turn it around, and Southsea took 4 matches again to run out 8-2 winners overall.  A good achievement since 4 of Southsea’s 11 were newcomers. Ron and Anne only started playing a month ago, Bruce, a couple of months, and David around 4 months. Probably home advantage helped a lot as the Southsea terrain surface plays very differently to Portchester.

Southsea chairman Peter presents the pink castle to Dawn.

Following the ‘match’ the two teams settled down for an hour lunch, a few nipping into Nelsons Bar for refreshments. After lunch it was ‘toe the line’ and 24 boules towards the jack to sort out teams for a couple of rounds of friendly play.

Everyone who took part seemed to enjoy themselves, well done Dawn for organising.

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