Southsea Open Triples

Although the Southsea Open Triples was played last year at Fareham, this was the first time it had been held at Southsea’s own terrain.  In fact it was the inaugaral competitive event ever to be held there.

Being a small ground numbers had to be limited, and the competition was run as a snake.  The snake problem of better teams possibly not meeting each other was mitigated with a Final for the top two ranked snake teams, a 3rd/4th playoff, and for those unfortunate to be near the bottom a wooden spoon playoff.

Two teams stood out as likely favourites in the entry.  Team ‘Foxdale’ including Lee/Angie Jamieson, and team ‘Oi’ including Graham Elcombe and the ever improving young Jamie Brooks who was fresh from reaching the SCPA Weekend of Petanque singles gold semi final.  Southsea itself had four teams entered, with newer players shared amongst the teams.

Chairman Peter and play organiser Matt kicked off the days play, Peter asking everyone to be tolerant and help Southsea’s inexperienced newbies, and Matt explaining the format and rule ‘tweaks’ to suit Southsea’s small ground.

After the mornings play (hindsight, and the ability to look at the score sheets is a wonderful thing) three teams had won all games, and another three had only dropped one so there were quite a few runners left in the race. The biggest surprise at this stage was probably Southsea’s own ‘Southern Pinnacles’ 13-7 win over the experienced ‘Foxdale’.

The Fareham Embassy

Puma Sandwich (AKA the Portchester Chameleons)

He’s here! (Ware’s Wallie)

Two ‘Pacemakers’ wIth Gerry out of shot at the coche.

The afternoon saw positions shuffle. ‘Oi’ and ‘Southern Pinnacles’ at four wins each played each other in their last snake match. With both teams knowing the winner would almost definitely make the final this proved a tense one.  After three morning wins ‘Wares Wallie’ dropped their fourth against ‘Nemesis Returns’ leaving a maximum possible four wins for them approaching their last match and a good score required for a chance of the final.

‘Oi’, point it close Francesca

Results at the end of the snake saw ‘Southern Pinnacles’ with 5 wins. ‘Oi’/’Foxdale’/’Ware’s Wallie’ were all on four wins meaning a score count required to sort the final and third place play-off.  At the bottom end ‘Gerry and the Pacemakers’ were definitely in the spoon play-off being the only team with 5 losses, with a score count between ‘Oddbins’/’Puma Sandwich’/’Wishful Thinking’ for the other play-off place.

Young Jamie Brooks

Snake results ended as:

Final – ‘Southern Pinnacles'(5 wins) vs ‘Foxdale'(4 wins +35)
3rd/4th – ‘Oi'(4 wins +32) vs ‘Wares Wallie'(4 wins +29)
Spoon – ‘Gerry and the Pacemakers’ vs ‘Wishful Thinking’

The Spoon play-off saw ‘Gerry and the Pacemakers’ pull off their only win of the day 13-8 giving them a bottle of wine each, and leaving ‘Wishful Thinking’ the unfortunate owners of pink spoons.

Spoon playoff winners – Fareham’s ‘Gerry and the Pacemakers’

Losers of the spoon playoff, and proud owners of ‘Pink Spoons’ – Bordon’s ‘Wishful Thinking’

The 3rd/4th playoff saw the strong ‘Oi’ team overcome ‘Wares Wallie’ 13-2.

3rd place playoff winners – Adur’s ‘Oi!’

4th place – Fareham’s ‘Ware’s Wallie’

The final was the only return match from the morning snake with ‘Southern Pinnacles’ Dawn, Andy and Peter wondering if they could pull off a second win over ‘Foxdale’.  It certainly didn’t look like it at first. Straight out of a tense drawn out snake match with ‘Oi’, the Southsea hopefuls struggled, not a single shout of ‘Pink Power’ to be heard.  Although ‘Foxdale’ Bob Bish was struggling to adapt to the terrain, Lee Jamieson didn’t miss a single shot, and wife Angie was nailing her points as they raced to a 12-0 lead and possible 13-0 fanny.  Something was required by the Southsea bunch, and a switch of first pointers allowed Andy’s lob pointing to start drawing Lee’s fire early.  A clutch of ‘Saves’ by both Dawn and Peter allowed a Southsea fightback to continue for quite a while with a series of single point scores, but in the end it was too much of an uphill struggle and ‘Foxdale’ clinched the match and the title of Southsea Open Winners. Score 13-6.

Runners Up – Southseas own ‘Southern Pinnacles’ (Pink Power!)


Winners – Foxdale
Lee Jamieson/Ange Jamieson/Bob Bish

Many thanks to Maureen/Brian/Ray/Sharon for setting everything up in the morning, and for providing morning bacon rolls and barbeque lunch. Pam/Trevor for organising the raffle. Matt for organising the days play which went smoothly.

Brians barbeque

Sharon sorting out bacon rolls

“Anyone not had any raffle tickets!!”

Play organiser – Matt

A particular well done has to go out to Southsea newbies George and Sue Langton. With only one ‘old hand’ in their team they managed to pull out two wins keeping them well clear of the Spoon play-off.  Georges lime green dog boules not causing quite so many chuckles once they started nailing on the coche.  Also, David Nicholson another newbie playing for the Pompeytanquers acquitted himself well putting in some pretty good first points.

Sue pointing in her first competition

40 winks between victories for this cockleshell hero.

George/Sue’s lime and black ‘dog’ boules in the fight.

Winners of the 2018 Southsea Open:
Bob Bish….Angie Jamieson….Lee Jamieson

Winners – Foxdale
Lee Jamieson/Ange Jamieson/Bob Bish


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