Southsea v Worthing Warriors

On Thursday 17th May Southsea had their first home game of the season against Worthing Warriors.  With the terrain having hosted the Southsea Open triples 4 days ago and getting it’s surface loosened almost back to the state of a year ago, it was questionable as to whether there would be any home advantage. Only time would tell.

A new routine was implemented before the match.  Team huddle, 9 fists in the middle, and a big team ‘Pink Power’ to get things started with a bit of positivity.

First up in the triples Trevor took charge of Brian and newbie David, whilst on the next piste Peter skipped for Ray and Maureen.

David, waiting ready for his first league match.

It quickly became clear that anyone rolling their points was going to have a hard time of it. Bogged down in the sandy end Trev’s pointers struggled, and some bad luck didn’t help, a spot carreau by Trev seeing the opposition boule still glued to the coche two metres away.  An unfortunate 2-13 defeat, but good experience for David.  On the other piste once again Southsea pointers didn’t start well. However, they adapted better than Worthing, and with control of the coche Southsea put it to 10 metres where Worthing really struggled. In the end a decent 13-5 victory.

Therefore, balanced at 1-1 after the triples.  However, with three lob pointers waiting in the wings to come on in the doubles, there were hopes that an overall match win was still possible.

Indeed that proved to be the case.  Matt/Dawn used ‘sandpit corner’ to great advantage winning 13-2.  Trev/Rod also easily won, but a surprise 5 flattered opposition score making it 13-8 at conclusion.  Peter/Andy soon learned using the difficult rocky area at the swimming pool end would thwart Worthings pointing.  9 single points making things a bit tentative though with some ‘must point in’s’ by Andy and ‘must shoot’s’ by Peter keeping the score rolling, before a last 4 sealed a 13-0 fanny.

So a match score of 4-1, a third win, and still (for now) top of the 3rd Div East table.

Well done Southsea, ‘***Pink Power***’

Brian wings a boule on its way.

Ray in the triples.

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