Cranleigh Cougars vs Southsea

2nd placed Southsea made the trip to 3rd placed Cranleigh on the same day 4th placed Handcross played top dogs Worthing Simpsons with all four teams having a chance of being top of the league after the evenings play.

Southsea’s triples were Andy/Maureen/Peter and Dawn/Trevor/Matt.  A/M/P won with reasonable ease, with an electric hit rate for Peter and Andy shooting on a forgiving terrain. On the other side of the piste things didn’t go down quite as planned with the Cougars roaring to a 13-0 fanny.

So 1-1 at half time. Doubles selected were Andy/Peter, Dawn/Matt, and Maureen/Trevor.  Dawn/Matt finished first in a tight game with Jeff shooting the bouchon for 3 to seal the game for Cranleigh 13-8.  Andy and Peter finished next winning comfortably 13-3, spectators generously clapping away shots as well as home during the game. Everyone then gathered round Maureen and Trevor vs Gina and Lesley of Cranleigh. The match was 7-7 at this stage and inched forwards tentatively, both teams still striving for a big end after a raft of singles.  It could have gone either way, but in the end home advantage worked out on the sloping end of the terrain with Gina nailing a curving point to seal the game and match.

Overall score Cranleigh 3 Southsea 2

What was enjoyable was having a nice ‘mix’ on the tables for the after match refreshments when it can easily end up a team at each end.

Handcross beat Worthing, and league positions are now Worthing Simpsons 19, Cranleigh 19, Southsea 18, Handcross 18 with Southsea having played 4 of 5 games away from home. So, still hopeful for Southsea.

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