Southsea vs Fareham Redwoods

On Thursday 4th July Southsea hosted Fareham Redwoods.

There were 8 Southsea players and triples chosen were Colin/Maureen/Matt, and Andy/Dawn/Peter. Both triples played well, winning 13-4 and 13-1 which meant the games finished quickly allowing for leisurely tea and biscuits before the start of the doubles.

Doubles chosen were Andy/Dawn, Peter/Maureen and Matt/Ian. After the result of the triples there were high hopes of a 5-0 victory. Alas it was not to be. Matt and Ian were first to fall, losing 13-4 to Mike and Lois. Andy and Dawn were the victims of their opponents good fortune as they went down 8-0 before coming back to an 11-8 lead. There was no luck involved in the last end when they played badly and Robert/Chris pointed 5 boules within a foot of the jack for a 13-11 Fareham win. That left Peter/Maureen in the squeaky bum match at 2-2 with their match now effectively being worth 2 points. However, there were no nerves as no-one pointed out the fact to them and they closed down a 13-5 win.

Final result Southsea 3 – Fareham Redwoods 2

Southsea now 3rd bottom, and with Redwoods firmly entrenched at the bottom it looks like a relegation dogfight between Southsea, Worthing Peacocks, Shipmates and Fareham Maple leaves to avoid the 2nd bottom position.