Southsea Vs Searles

Southsea hosted Searles on Thursday 9th August for a Division 3 league match.

Triples chosen for the first round were Dawn/Andy/Peter, and Colin/Matt/Rod.  Col and co won relatively easily to 2, but things didn’t go as smoothly for Dawn’s team. Bad luck didn’t help, but Searles did play better and deserved their 13-7 win.

1-1 after the triples, so looking for at least 2 doubles wins to secure the extra bonus match point.

Doubles were Andy/Rod, Trevor/Ray, and Peter/Maureen. The match was sealed pretty quickly with Trev/Ray winning 13-3 and Peter/Maureen 13-5.  There was still an extra point up for grabs, but it took near on half an hour before Andy/Rod came away with a 13-5 win and that point.

Final result Southsea 4 – Searles 1

Southsea(32 points) now in 2nd place 1 point behind Handcross(33 points) but with a match in hand. Worthing Simpsons(29 points) lurking 3 points behind Southsea in 3rd having played the same amount of matches as Southsea.

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