Southsea vs Shipmates

Southsea welcomed Shipmates on Thursday 18th July for the penultimate home game of the season. This would be an important match as Shipmates are one of our rivals in the ‘relegation battle’ to remain in the second division and prevent excessive travelling to the east of the region.

Triples chosen were Andy/Col/Maz and Peter/Matt/Ray. Pete’s team finished first with a score of 13-8, then it was a wait before Andy’s team won 13-5 with Maz’s ‘nailed on’ point securing the win in the last end.

So two triple wins with decent scorelines suggested a possibility of a 5-0 win. However things were to prove rather different.

Doubles chosen were Andy/Dawn, Peter/Maureen and Rod/Ian. Rod/Ian fell to 1-13, then Peter/Maureen fell to 12-13. This left things at a perilous 2-2 in games. Andy and Dawn had went well up (11-2) against Alan/Kate, but in what must have been a bit nervous for watchers the Shipmates started making a bit of a comeback before Southsea eventually ran out 13-6 winners.

Final Score Southsea 3 – Shipmates 2

Hopefully The Ship (and it’s terrain) will be back up and running soon as it was mentioned during after match socialising there is a manager waiting in the wings.