Southsea vs Worthing Simpsons

Southsea welcomed Worthing Simpsons a week early due to holidays etc.  As always with home games it was ‘turn up and you will play’, and 8 players made an appearance.

Triples chosen were Peter/Maureen/Col and Andy/Trevor/Ray.

P/M/C went ahead then unfortunately dropped a ‘six’. However, they showed typical Southsea resolve not letting it upset them and running out 13-7 winners.  A/T/R just had the edge on their opponents, a nice point in by Ray closing a 13-3 win. The score here not really reflecting that Worthing had fought hard every end.

So 2-0 after the triples, a nice situation to be in but still needing a win in the doubles to bag the important extra point for a match win.

Doubles chosen were Andy/Dawn, Trevor/Brian, Peter/Maureen. Worthing took a long time choosing their doubles with lots of discussion between their team.

Peter/Maureen lost 13-8 at the swimming pool end in a game where I would have favoured them as the strongest pairing.  The opposition picked the middle terrain for Trev/Brian, a choice which favoured Brians pointing style, and Trev/Brian sealed the extra bonus point with a nice 13-4 victory. This left Andy/Dawn to try and get an extra point. 5 missed shots in a row allowed Worthing to spring ahead 5-0, and it ended up a looong drawn out battle to overcome that lead and secure a 13-10 win with lights eventually required on the longest day of the year.

End result:    Southsea 4    Worthing Simpsons 1

Southsea now top of the table awaiting Cranleigh and Handcross results next week to see if that position will hold out.

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