Through to Finals Day!!

Southsea completed a 3-2 victory in their first outdoor match of 2018 in the High Level Roofing trophy at the Ship Inn in Owslebury.

Playing against the home team ‘Shipmates’ it was a struggle at first to cope with a hard packed ‘running surface’ terrain almost the exact opposite of our home surface.  This allowed the 2 Shipmate triples to build up convincing leads.  Peter, Andy and Dawn however managed to fight back from a 9-3 deficit to win 13-10, and the tally ended 1 game each after the first round of triples.

Two of the doubles matches were hard fought.  Trevor and Rod had a chance to point in for victory but narrowly missed it, and Shipmates nailed their last boule right on the jack to snatch a very narrow 13-12 victory.  Dawn and Andy had a ‘back and forth’ game with the lead changing hands almost every end.  Slack boule by the opposing team though allowed a bit of space to point in for 4, turning an 11-9 deficit into a 13-11 victory.  It took a couple of difficult extremely high lobs to finish things off though after the first attempt skittered through.

Crowning achievement of the evening went to Maureen and Peter.  At 6-0 down, spirits were low and it almost felt as if the Shipmates were going to cruise home.  However, Southsea tenacity shone through as Maureen and Peter came back in a storm scoring 13 points in a row.  A ‘technical fanny’ and a convincing 13-6 victory.

Score at the end of the evening.  Southsea 3  Shipmates 2.

Hopefully we can take this winning form into the Quob silver final on Friday, and the High Level Roofing finals day on Sunday.


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